In a word – synthesis

A distinguishing feature of SQ is the fact that we offer a comprehensive set of services, which provides the clients with an opportunity to have their personal needs satisfied and to confide a complete service to one studio – from conceptual design through to its execution.
Starting from the initial meeting, which includes the general discussion with the client about their needs and requirements, through the detailed planning of the project including the identification of client’s aesthetic affinities and the ultimate goal, to supervision of works and quality control. One of SQ’s special services is market research and regulation, where the results are integrated in the conceptual solution.

In this way, we ensure timeliness of project solutions, adherence to the current trends and the relevance of the proposals presented to the client. Our team has creative discussions that lead to synergic action and finding both quality and innovative solutions. Always taking into consideration the feedback provided by the client, who is encouraged to interact with us by our direct and open approach, the team prepares new proposals with the help of 3D modeling technique. This leads to the final design which involves a detailed definition of exterior, interior and decor elements, together with the preparation of drawings needed for execution.
SQ assumes the responsibility for the realization of the project, relying on carefully selected external collaborators, who share the vision and the manner of doing business studies. This closes the circle when it comes to necessary services for project design and execution and enables us to meet the highest of business standards.






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We have become part of “Atlas”

"Synthesis Quatro" received an invitation to be part of the book "Atlas of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia-21st century"

BravaCasa Design Awards

Magazine about interior design "BravaCasa", for the first time awarded architect for the best interiors of residential, hospitality and commercial space.

Notes about design

SQ design team with every project aspires to tell some new story