Notes about design

“Design is not art or science, nor is it a socio-cultural phenomenon or a business tool. It is an innovative process that uses information and knowledge from all of these sectors. It uses creativity first of all to analyze and synthesize the interaction between them and, and then, to offer appropriate and innovative answers that, when applied, should exceed the sum of the vision and capacity of each sector, and yet remain recognizable and important for all of them.”


With every project, the SQ design team aspires to tell a new story, believing in the idea that design is a process of human creation of new realities, transforming the invisible into the visible, the idea to form, converting mental, social and spiritual entities into physical changes.

Our, by now famous branches are one of the most recognizable SQ products, which also testifies to the constant dedication of the team to examine through their projects the relationship between interior and exterior, interior and furniture pieces, and even the relationship between the exterior and the individual pieces. The branches are an element designed for private apartments. They were constructed by cutting MDF panels on a CNC machine, where one branch consists of three layers of MDF. The composition stands vertically thanks to a steel U-profiles that are fixed in the floor and ceiling plaster.


It is essential for a good design to give the consumer a practical and aesthetic pleasure, a quality that justifies the paid price, and if it’s innovative, all the better. The designer must have the ability to see a new solution for an existing problem, but good design does not necessarily imply a restless search for something new. Good design tends to be permanent. It is this tension between finding an effective innovation and achieving lasting value that gives the designer creative energy.


Synthesis Quatro feels a responsibility to improve the quality of life, by creating products that are functional, accessible and emotionally or socially significant. As measurement of quality of our design we always take the satisfaction of our customers.

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In a word – synthesis

Specificity of business in SQ company is comprehensive and broad service offerings – from conceptual design through to its execution.

We have become part of “Atlas”

"Synthesis Quatro" received an invitation to be part of the book "Atlas of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia-21st century"

BravaCasa Design Awards

Magazine about interior design "BravaCasa", for the first time awarded architect for the best interiors of residential, hospitality and commercial space.