Who we are


Strength of a team.
The power of synthesis.

Synthesis Quatro (short SQ) was created by four young, talented, ambitious and open-minded architects on June, 6th, 2005. Initially, the company was registered as an LLC with four employees. Although year 2005 marks the official launch of the company, actual roots date back to 2001, when this team of four started to work on their first designs. After the registration of the company, we began with interior design only, but very soon have extended our field of work to furniture design, exterior, interior, hotels, private villas and office design as well as reconstruction and design of private and public real estate objects. In addition to design services, we have been engaged in trade of exterior and interior design materials. Today SQ has more than ten competent and well-trained architects and interior designers in its team, committed to providing the marketplace with the best products and services. Furthermore, we have continuous cooperation with more than twenty external associates - competent in different fields.

The company is located in Novi Sad, in the heart of Vojvodina, the capital of the northern province of Serbia. Vojvodina is considered to be the most developed region of the country, due to its geographical position and business relationships with surrounding markets.

Since the launch of the company, its management has been guided by the vision of unique ideas and design with the ultimate goal of satisfying and addressing all customer's needs and tastes on the market where we operate. In alignment with this vision, SQ has been continuously striving to establish cooperation with the most prominent interior and exterior design material suppliers in Europe, such as Arketipo, Tabu, Pietra Kaikos and Porcelanosa. Over time, SQ became the exclusive distributor in Serbia for most of these companies. Recently this cooperation led to opening of the one-stop-shop showroom, showcasing, besides our design of interior and furniture, the products of our partners as well.

In the next five years' period SQ is determined to further expand our activities on the foreign markets where its high quality of service, coupled with competitive pricing, can offer the best value to demanding clients.


The most wanted address for inspired architectural solutions.

SQ’s goal is to become one of the leading comprehensive design service providers worldwide with the ability to offer its clients service and materials, from the first concept design to the final decoration of both residential and commercial real estate objects.


Good design eliminates all concerns

SQ provides its clients with professional service in all aspects of company's operations, due to the on-going training and capacity development of its staff, by stimulating the creativity and team-work of employees, through exposure to the latest industry trends, and by nourishing cooperation with carefully selected group of partners. In every step that company takes, commitment of SQ's management and employees will assure that the results of our work will completely fulfill and even exceed client's expectations- by providing effective one-stop-shop solutions in the architecture and decoration market.

The company will strive to execute its mission through its daily activities and meet the expectations of its clients, partners and employees by accomplishing the defined goals:

We do have THE RIGHT PEOPLE for the job.

SQ is continually investing in our human capital - through selection of highly qualified staff members, on-going education and training on the job. For us, employees are definitively our key asset - therefore SQ's management is committed to creating the working environment where people are stimulated to work hard and autonomously, as well as develop their professional skills and advance career.

Right ATTITUDE towards business

In our everyday work we encourage 'out of the box thinking' among the staff and ensure that our 'can-do' attitude turns professional problems and obstacles into new opportunities.

We rely on TEAMWORK.

The nature of our work requires close cooperation of employees assigned to the project team. Through development of strict project management processes we make sure that potential problems in work are prevented or at least identified in time to minimize the potential damage.


SQ’s selection of staff members and associates enables us to offer professional service to our clients and ensures that its excellence is evident in every step of the work we engage in.


We believe that our work is not limited only to design and creation of functional space. SQ employees strive to create design solutions that will make our clients emotionally bond with their real-estate object.

Having the BIG PICTURE in mind

The SQ company evaluates every step in project planning and execution by by carefully considering the overall requirements and making sure that every client expectation is met, from concept design to the finalization of the project.

We rely on Partners, and they rely on us

In order to be able to offer our clients time-efficient service we are constantly looking for business partners (material producers and specific service subcontractors). The rigorous selection of business partners ensures they will share the professional approach and values that Synthesis Quatro adheres to. Our aim is to nourish relationship with such businesses and develop long-term relationship which will grow business both for partner side and us, thus create a win-win situation.


Work of SQ does not end with project realization. Our customer service model implies provision of all necessary follow-up services and goods to the client in the future.

Stay on top of INDUSTRY TRENDS

SQ's design experts actively follow modern trends in the world's interior design market and take part in major international events and industry fairs. This enables us to offer our clients state-of-the-art products and materials along with our services.

SAFETY is our-not client's concern

The management of SQ is fully committed to the safety of the people directly and indirectly engaged in company's operations as well as all other interested parties on the construction site. Furthermore, work that is being done by SQ takes into account future safety and health of clients working/ living in the real estate property where company was engaged.



SQ is continually investing in our human capital - through selection of highly qualified staff members, on-going education and training on the job. For us, employees are definitively our key asset - therefore, the management in Synthesis Quatro is committed to creating the working environment where people are stimulated to work hard, autonomously, develop their professional skills and advance career.

Although SQ has started as mainly interior design studio, over time we have developed capacities to fully satisfy our client’s demands by offering a range of related services and materials in the architecture and construction industry. We distinguish ourselves from competition by having the experience in both architectural and interior design. Combining our expertise in these segments allows us to keep coming up with comprehensive design solutions.

Today, SQ is not just a design studio, but also a vertically integrated architectural services company which provides its customers with a full range of services and one-stop-shop solutions that are both time and cost efficient.

Furthermore, not being a large company, we can offer extremely personalized hospitality, offices design and generally, architectural services to our clients, leading them through the design process in a series of steps to assure that they can make important, informed decisions about their projects. Once plans and specifications are complete, we stay active through the bidding, negotiation, and construction phases of the work.

Our service and product capacities are best described in following process scheme:


Meet the Team


Osnivač / Generalni direktor


Izvršni direktor

Kristina Lalović

Projekt menadžer/Senior arhitekta

Jelena Gonja Budurin

Projekt menadžer/Senior Arhitekta

Sanja Mitrović

Projekt menadžer/Senior arhitekta


SQ menadžer


Menadžer za finansije i računovodstvo

Breza Adžić

Menadžer za razvoj

Manja Lazukić

Menadžer za 3d vizualizacije
3d dizajner/Arhitekta

Branko Novaković

Koordinator za 3D vizualizacije
3D dizajner

Dušan Đorđevic


Jelena Todorović

Medior Arhitekta

Andrea Ralević

Junior Arhitekta

Tijana Čabrilo

Junior Arhitekta

Petar Đuričić

Stručni nadzor na gradilištu


Solid partners, flexible solutions.


In order to be able to offer its clients modern and innovative materials in addition to design service, SQ has been developing and nurturing cooperation with the leading names in development and production of high-quality interior design materials and products worldwide. Major suppliers for the interior design (decoration) materials are:

  • Tabu
  • Arketipo
  • Santarossa
  • Pietra Kaikos
  • Tekhne
  • Porcelanosa

Furthermore, we have been successfully cooperating with more than 30 different leading suppliers of different design materials and products to fulfill the clients' requirements both in terms of functional and aesthetic quality. SQ has recently opened our own showroom in Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 23A, where we exhibit selected decorations and construction materials. In this way, SQ's clients can directly get an impression of materials that can be used in future design of their object. This also presents a practical way for the company to get even closer to satisfaction of client’s needs and offer them a one stop-shop solution.


Due to the nature of our business and complexity of clients' demands that we have been facing so far, SQ has developed a network of selected associates in different areas related to hospitality and architecture industries. These associates range from skillful installation workers and craftsmen, to highly qualified engineers. Similar to our approach in selection of material suppliers, all our external associates are carefully selected in order to be able to provide our clients with uncompromising total service quality and excellence.



  • 2014 - BravaCasa Design Awards - nagrada za najbolji dizajn enterijera stambenog prostora u Srbiji
  • 2009 - Nagrada za najperspektivniji mladi tim u Srbiji - Rigips Saint Gobain
  • 2008 - Nagrada u kategoriji od 10 najboljih enterijera - " Kuća stil "


  • 2014 – "Atlas - likovnih umetnika primenjenih umetnika i dizajnera Srbije - 21. Vek" - knjiga
  • 2014 – "BravaCasa" – specijalizovan časopis za enterijer
  • 2013 - "Podovi" - dizajn enterijera - magazin
  • 2011 - "Savremeni Enterijeri Novog Sada" – Knjiga
  • 2010 - "Kuća stil" - dizajn enterijera - časopis
  • 2009 - "Kuća stil" - dizajn enterijera - časopis
  • 2008 - "Kuća stil" - dizajn enterijera - časopis
  • 2007 - "Kuća stil" - dizajn enterijera - časopis


  • 2015 - ISO 9001:2008
  • 2013 - Exellent MSP Srbija - Privredna komora Srbije

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